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Creative in Learning offer private tuition throughout Flintshire and Denbighshire. Established by two dedicated head teachers, Creative in Learning offer the services of experienced tutors in a variety of subject areas for all ages – whether that is at Key Stages 1-3, GCSE, A Level or above.

We believe that learning should be fun.

Run by two Head Teachers, Creative in Learning differs from other tuition services in that we have first-hand experience of the difficulties pupils face on a day to day basis.

Knowing the curriculum expectations as well as we do, we’re able to translate these into fun learning sessions, developing confidence and skill at the same time!

We know what works and we know how to get results.

It’s about getting to know the learner. We spend the time to assess strengths and needs in order to create a personalised learning plan that works.

Learning about each child’s interests and learning styles enables our professional and experienced tutors to create exciting learning sessions that inspire and motivate.

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