Find a Private Tutor in North Wales

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Are you looking for a private tutor in North Wales? We all want our children to succeed in school and life. Sometimes, that can mean extra tuition to consolidate learning and increase confidence. Our experienced and professional tutors take the time to get to know your child, the way they learn best, their pace and their interests. By doing so, we create a bespoke learning plan that enthuses the learner and is National Curriculum specific, linked to the Literacy and Numeracy Framework so you can be sure that the basic concepts are understood.

Our belief is that learning should be fun and offer a blend of individual and small group work that helps to develop independent learners.

Bespoke Learning Plans

Each child is different, therefore we individual programmes that are tailored to the needs of your child. Our bespoke sessions ensure that we make the most out of the time and achieve the best results possible. We play to your child’s strengths, interest and learning pace.

Learning is fun

Each one hour session is fun yet challenging and uses a variety of learning techniques. These include computer programmes, iPads and good old fashioned pen and paper. We believe in the basics and develop confidence and perseverance in key areas such as times tables, spelling, reading, comprehension and extended writing.

Don’t take our word for it, call in and see us in action.