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the hard work pays off

When I first sent my little girl to you just a year ago, she cried at the prospect of doing maths. Sitting down to do her homework was something that I think we all began to dread. Her lack of confidence in maths became so strong that it stopped her from being able to even think about the task that she had been set.

The change that I have seen in her over this past year has been fantastic and this has only been echoed by her Year 3 teacher at parents’ evening. We were told that she now asks for harder work if she is finding the year 3 work too easy and that when they play competitive multiplication games, she is the pupil the rest of the class are trying to beat! I can see a new confidence in her that she has never had before when it came to maths.

I would highly recommend your tuition service to anyone. I can’t tell you how thankful we are to you and the team for your help with my daughter


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