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Our aim, here at Creative in Learning, is to offer bespoke tuition packages to suit all levels and all ages. This means that we respond to all enquiries or requests for any subject and age and find the right tutor who can fulfil the requirements. Should you need a tutor who can cover a certain exam board or a specific subject, we will do our utmost to pair you with the right person.

Our core subjects are Maths and English with one to one and small group sessions available on a daily basis. We cover all ages and all levels – they sessions are alwasy designed to suit each individual! Private tuition works because we spend the time to get to know each and every learner and understand their needs and preferred learning styles.

English Tutor Mold & St. Asaph

Literacy is a key subject. We cover every aspect – at all levels, all ages, and as a second language. We have many learners that are at first language Welsh speakers and are struggling with reading and writing in English. We also offer tuition for adults who are perhaps undertaking Literacy tests as part of job interviews. Whatever the level, we can help!

Maths Tutor Mold & St. Asaph

Numeracy, or maths, is a well sought after subject for tuition.  From basic maths, to understanding new concepts, once a firm platform is formed in the preliminary stages, students will then move towards more challenging tasks as they stretch their independent learning skills. We use the most up to date resources and online learning technology to ensure sessions are fun and easy to digest!

Bespoke subjects

finding the right tutor to suit your needs

Whatever help you are looking for, chatting to us about your needs is the first step. Wherever possible, we will source the right tutor who can fulfil your requirements. At any one time, we run numerous tuition sessions on a wide range of subjects including science, Welsh, drama, history to name just a few. Contact us to find out more.

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